About the Chapter

The Broward Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida is a broad-based community of people from many trades and walks of life including homemakers, businesspersons, lawyers, students, educators, health care workers, and all who love liberty and the guarantee of liberty in the U.S. Constitution. The leadership of the Broward Chapter is a Board consisting of members and officers elected from the membership, by the membership. The active Broward Chapter welcomes the gifts of members who contribute their time to serve on committees, attend special events, and speak to legislators, schools, and community groups. 

Leadership Team

Saima Farooqui – President
Barry Butin – Interim President, Vice President
Reuben Share – Treasurer
Dan Cook – State Board Rep.
Melissa Minsk Donoho
Muhammed Farooqui
Ronnie Heller

Alyssa Henning
Michael Hittleman
Alexander Johnson
Adrienne Kaitman
Martin Novoa
Ryan Parsons
Roy Roberts
Charles Zelden

Contact Us


Broward Chapter of the ACLU
Skolnick Center 800 SW 36th Ave,
Pompano Beach,
FL 33069